Zurich – The five Swiss Impact Hubs are merging to form the umbrella organization Impact Hub Switzerland. Among its aims is to initiate new large-scale projects. The first major project is promoting startups in the Circular Economy.

Impact Hub is a global network of entrepreneurs. In Switzerland, there are five Impact Hubs in Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich, with a total of seven coworking spaces. The Hubs now plan to bundle their activities and are merging to form an umbrella organization Impact Hub Switzerland.

According to a press release, the hubs’ services will be standardized for all members. They can use the coworking spaces in all locations, for example. However, it is about more than just bundling the services. “From now on, we can act as a unified national player, expand and develop existing and new partnerships, initiate new large-scale projects that go far beyond the regional focus and thus advance Switzerland much more efficiently as a location for innovation,” explains Christoph Birkholz, Co-President of Impact Hub Switzerland.

The first major joint project has is reportedly been launched successfully. It is an incubation program of the Circular Economy Transition (CET) initiative, which is promoting 26 startups active in the circular economy. “CET shows us how much we can achieve if all Swiss locations work together with other partners towards a common goal,” says Amanda Byrde, initiator of CET and Co-President of Impact Hub Switzerland. “Impact Hub Switzerland simplifies the implementation of such programs. We will remain very locally anchored, but nationwide.”

To celebrate the merger throughout Switzerland, the five Impact Hubs are organizing various events.

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