Dübendorf ZH - BAK Economics has investigated the economic importance of the Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich on behalf of the foundation Switzerland Innovation Park Zürich. Direct and indirect value could amount to 2.7 billion Swiss francs annually when fully expanded.

Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich has potential to make billions


The foundation Switzerland Innovation Park Zürich tasked the economic research institute BAK Economics with producing a scientific study on the economic importance of the Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich. The study has concluded that the direct and indirect value of the Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich when fully expanded could total around 2.7 billion Swiss francs per year. The canton of Zurich would benefit particularly well from this, with a share of 90 percent of the total value added.

The comprehensive study is divided into seven sections, including the motivation for the analysis, the importance of innovation for the economy and society, the position of the canton of Zurich within the innovation competition, and a detailed assessment of the role that the Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich could play in promoting growth and prosperity. The study shows that the canton of Zurich is underrepresented in industry and in particular in high-tech sectors. According to the authors of the study, the Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich could contribute decisively to upgrading the canton as an innovation location.

The authors believe that the Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich could form the “venture area” necessary for transformation innovations in addition to the corresponding venture capital. The study adds that the park should position itself as a “link between universities, research institutes, start-up scenes and industrial research.” Structures created there could enable “global players” to be established in innovative areas such as “mobility, aerospace, aviation, robotics, green technology or new materials.”

The Zurich Chamber of Commerce (ZHK) sees the results of the study as confirmation of its longstanding support of the innovation park. In a statement on the study, it writes that this shows how important the innovation park is for the economic and research location. The ZHK hopes that the demonstrated value of the innovation park leads to expedition of ongoing proceedings.

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