Lugano/Manno - The city of Lugano, Dagorà Lifestyle Innovation Hub and Switzerland Innovation Park Ticino have initiated an innovation booster program for fashion and lifestyle. The project, which is also being supported by Innosuisse, aims to promote innovative business in the region.
Ticino receives Innovation Booster for fashion and lifestyle
Press conference on the Innovation Booster Fashion & Lifestyle in Lugano.


The city of LuganoDagorà Lifestyle Innovation Hub as Leading House and Switzerland Innovation ParkTicino have launched an economic development program in Ticino for fashion and lifestyle, according to a statement. With the federal Innovation Booster program, the initiators are launching a four-year project to develop the regional economy in Ticino with the help of Innosuisse.

The program is targeted at fostering the joint development of initiatives. The aim is to promote cooperation between partners such as Swiss research institutes and academies on the one hand and national and international companies, investors and end users on the other. Innosuisse is supporting the program with two million Swiss francs. 

The program is scheduled to launch as early as 2024 in three phases: the acquisition of co-financiers, the identification of ideas for projects that are suitable for funding and a final evaluation and awarding of prizes.

Lugano is a city at the forefront of innovation.
Michele Foletti
Michele Foletti - Mayor of Lugano

"Lugano as a city at the forefront of innovation," Michele Foletti, Mayor of Lugano, is quoted as saying in the statement. "Projects and programs like this, which contribute to accelerating innovation by creating broad networks of collaboration, strengthen and support the Municipality's development strategies."

Stefano Rizzi, Director of the Economic Division in the canton of Ticino, believes the project effectively demonstrates how innovative, competitive and attractive the region is. For Jelena Tašić, General Manager of the Switzerland Innovation Park Ticino/Lifestyle Tech Competence Center (LTCC), the “Lifestyle Tech Competence Center Association is proud to participate in the program as an Alliance Member and our team is well-equipped to manage the innovation program.” ce/ww

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