Zurich - The University of Zurich is planning to expand its portfolio of vocational training opportunities from this summer onwards. A stronger focus is to be placed on the “jobs of the future”. At present, a total of 84 trainees are taking a vocational training course at the university.

In addition to many academic study courses, the University of Zurich (UZH) also offers a range of vocational training courses. Trainees can complete apprenticeships in many areas in order to qualify as polytechnicians, IT specialists or logistics specialists, for example. According to a press release issued by UZH, a total of 84 young people are currently making use of this vocational training offering across 12 different professions.

However, the university is now seeking to increase its vocational training opportunities. In this context, a concept has already been devised. The goal is, firstly, to increase the number of apprenticeships and, secondly, to create consistent employment conditions. The expansion of apprenticeships is to be implemented from August onwards, according to information from the university. To this end, UZH will need to ensure, among other things, that suitable jobs are available for the trainees. Any institutes, departments and clinics interested in this topic can contact the university in the spring. The press release also underlines that the new strategic direction at UZH with regard to basic vocational training includes a commitment to focusing more strongly on the jobs of the future.

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