The 12X92DF dual-fuel engine created by Winterthur Gas & Diesel (WinGD) is the world’s most powerful engine of its kind. WinGD has now been awarded a Guinness World Records title. The engine is used in container ships powered by liquefied natural gas.


The 12X92DF dual-fuel engine has now been officially crowned the most powerful of its type in the world. WinGD reported in a press release that it has been awarded the power title by the Guinness World Records. The innovation from Winterthur is listed as the “most powerful marine internal combustion engine (otto cycle) commercially available”.

The 12-cylinder engine weighs 2,140 tons and demonstrated a power of 63,840 kW at a speed of 80 rpm. It was developed to power large container ships and can be fitted in vessels that run on liquefied natural gas.

The French shipping and logistics company, CMA CGM, will use the engine to propel nine of its 23,000 TEU container ships (twenty foot equivalent unit). These are reportedly the biggest liquefied natural gas-powered vessels in the world.

“The WinGD marine internal combustion engine is thoroughly deserving of its Guinness World Records title. Records for engineering excellence never fail to fascinate, and this title is testament to the skill of the team at WinGD,” commented Neil Foster, Guinness World Records Vice President.

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