The bunker was originally built by the Swiss army and served as a secret headquarters during the Cold War. It was later purchased by the Uri-based company Deltalis, which uses it for a data centre. WISeKeycalls it “the most secure data centre in the market”, capable of shielding data from electromagnetic pulses and can even support data in the event of a nuclear catastrophe. 

WISeKey has now entered into a partnership with Deltalis to use its data centre in the Uri Alps to store data for its cryptocurrency platform WISeCoin. Launched earlier this week, the blockchain platform will enable countries and cities to launch their own cryptocurrencies.

According to WISeKey, a number of countries – including China, Russia and several African countries – are planning to launch their own national cryptocurrencies. WISeKey is working with several of them to also develop the digital cryptocurrencies.

With the WISeCoin platform, WISeKey aims to become an “emerging powerhouse in the global cryptocurrency market by supporting the development of economies built on blockchain technology”. The platform has the potential to revamp global economic infrastructures.

WISeKey is headquartered in Geneva and has an office in CryptoValley Zug.

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