Robitics & intelligent systems in the Greater Zurich Area

Robotics & intelligent systems in the Greater Zurich Area

The Greater Zurich Area continues to be a global leader in robotics, drone technology, artificial intelligence, and computer vision. This has attracted leading technology firms and talent and encouraged entrepreneurship in the region, leading to unmatched opportunities for intelligent & autonomous systems companies.

Discover the autonomous systems ecosystem in the Greater Zurich Area.

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Top 5 reasons why the Greater Zurich Area is the ideal location for Autonomous Systems companies 

  1. World-class R&D with a rich network of international players 
  2. Leading innovation hub worldwide, fuelled by frequent and successful industry collaboration 
  3. Favorable and pragmatic regulations, offering the ideal and unique test-environment in Europe
  4. Top talent availability and retention with a highly skilled local workforce 
  5. Pioneering spinoffs and cutting-edge startup landscape



Switzerland is proud to be known as the Silicon Valley of Robotics. Greater Zurich's robotics output is a key factor in this. Its universities and technology companies belong among the world’s leaders in computer vision, sensor technology, and artificial intelligence.

The cutting-edge technology of Swiss robotics companies is known worldwide and contributes to the excellent reputation of the location for autonomous systems. Leading universities in engineering, pioneering drone regulations as well as an ideal testing ground in Switzerland are bound to lead to rapid progress and growth in robotics technologies in the future.

Drone technology

Drone technology

The Greater Zurich Area is the world’s leading location for the development of core technology for drones and robots in commercial applications. There are several leading universities here, such as ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich. These universities are home to a large and active community of developers, numerous drone and component manufacturers and innovation-friendly authorities. Greater Zurich’s contributions to drone robotics in Europe further Switzerland’s reputation as the “Silicon Valley of Robotics”.

See why the Greater Zurich region is home to some of the latest advancements in drone robotics and artificial intelligence in the world.

Computer vision

Computer vision

The Greater Zurich Area is one of the world’s leading centers for computer vision. This is due to the leading universities, top talent, dynamic start-up scene and global tech giants that call the region home. These tech giants include Google, Apple, Meta, Microsoft, IBM, Huawei, Oracle and Disney Research | Studios. These companies, along with a growing startup ecosystem in the field, make the region a hotbed for machine learning in Europe.

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