Unlocking success: Greater Zurich ranks among top business expansion locations in Europe

In times of increased uncertainty, the Greater Zurich Area stands tall as a safe and stable business location: the fDi Report 2024 ranks the Swiss region as one of the leading European destinations for companies wanting to expand internationally.

Every year, the Financial Times’ fDi Intelligence evaluates the most attractive locations from an investment opportunity perspective, analyzing various economic regions in Europe - from big metropolitan regions to micro-cities. For 2024, the report analyzed 330 cities and 141 regions in Europe.

The fDi Report 2024 paints a comprehensive picture why the Greater Zurich Area is a thriving business destination for companies that want to expand internationally: Greater Zurich ranks among the top 10 “Regions and Cities of the Future” in its sub-categories "mid-sized Region of the Future" and "micro Region of the Future", excelling in the criteria “Economic Potential”, Business friendliness”, and “Human capital & Lifestyle”.

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What makes the Greater Zurich Area the ideal business location for international companies? 

Greater Zurich ranks in top 10 business locations in the fdi report 2024, excelling in economic potential, business friendliness, and talent & lifestyle.

Economic potential: Greater Zurich fuels long-term success and development

Economic potential: Greater Zurich fuels long-term success and development

For companies eyeing expansion into Europe, the robust economic framework, infrastructure, and culture of innovation in the Greater Zurich Area ensure a supportive environment for long-term success. 

Offering immense economic potential, Switzerland has been named the most innovative economy in the world continuously for over a decade now. In Greater Zurich, companies can advance by connecting with world-leading research centers, pioneering startups, and companies developing cutting-edge technologies based in the region.

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Economic Potential in Greater Zurich Area fuels business in innovation hub environment

Business friendliness: Advance your business in Greater Zurich

Business friendliness: Advance your business in Greater Zurich

The transparent regulations, welcoming policies, and supportive ecosystem contribute to the ease of doing business in Greater Zurich, making it an attractive location for international companies. Its strategic location in the heart of Europe makes Greater Zurich ideal for headquarters. 

The decentralized government structure allows businesses direct access to local authorities, while Greater Zurich further provides attractive corporate and individual taxation compared to the rest of Europe and Switzerland.

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Greater Zurich's business friendly framework elevates business and attracts headquarters

Human Capital & Lifestyle: Join the leading talent hub, offering ideal work-life balance

Human Capital & Lifestyle: Join the leading talent hub, offering ideal work-life balance

Switzerland and the Greater Zurich Area continue to be the best locations worldwide for attracting, retaining, and developing talent, thus ranking as the leading talent hub worldwide for highly skilled employees. 

Consistently ranking among the leading destinations for quality of life, Switzerland excels in factors such as safety, healthcare, and recreation. This contributes to companies moving to Greater Zurich, making it attractive not only from a business perspective but also for employees.

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Greater Zurich us the world's leading talent hub, offering a high quality of life

Join the Greater Zurich Area - Your gateway to business excellence

Greater Zurich's top fDi Report ranking supports the region’s position as a dynamic business environment that fosters innovation and success. 

The Greater Zurich Area consists of 9 cantons (federal states) in the German- and Italian-speaking parts of Switzerland: Glarus, Grisons, Schaffhausen, Schwyz, Solothurn, Ticino, Uri, Zurich, and Zug. Each of them contributes specific technological competencies to the entire economic area. 

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Interested who joined Greater Zurich’s innovation hub recently? 

These are some of the companies that recently expanded business into the world-leading innovation hub: 

🤖 Toggle Robotics: Toggle focuses on the development of advanced robotic vision systems and cloud-based 3D modeling tools for robot-assisted reinforcement assembly. 

💊 Absci: The generative AI drug creation company entered the European pharmaceutical market by opening its innovation center in the Greater Zurich Area

🧫 Vir Biotechnology: Focusing on deep immunology and virology expertise, the biotech company runs a world-class monoclonal antibody platform with AI-led protein engineering capabilities.

🚀 Boston Dynamics’ The AI Institute: The robotics company has expanded its office from the US to Zurich and is focused on solving the most important problems in artificial intelligence related to robotics. 

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