Hünenberg ZG – Global TREE Project AG has launched TreeCoin, a token offering that will raise funds to purchase fallow land in Paraguay and plant 10 million eucalyptus trees.

Global TREE Project AG, which is based in Hünenberg in the canton of Zug, has launched a Hybrid Token Offering (HTO) in order to finance an ethical reforestation and cultivation program. The funds will go towards purchasing over 12,000 hectares of fallow land in Paraguay to plant 10 million eucalyptus trees.

Investors investing in the HTO receive TREE security tokens, which ensure that they receive a share of profits generated from timber harvests. They also receive TXC currency tokens, which will be developed as a native payment currency used to support local retailers, communities and social projects in Paraguay.

Global TREE Project AG hopes to purchase new land and new trees in a total value of $546 million after the HTO and throughout a 23-year cycle.

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