Zurich - The recently published fDi report for European Cities and Regions of the Future 2023 ranks the Swiss cities of Zurich, Zug and Basel as the most attractive business locations in their respective categories. In terms of foreign direct investment, Lugano, the cantons of Zurich, Zug, as well as the Greater Zurich Region, are all of particular interest.

fDi Report 2023 - European Cities and Regions of the Future

Despite the disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the Ukraine war, Europe has demonstrated its ability to remain a viable, attractive global investment destination: The continent is still the world’s leading recipient of foreign direct investment (FDI). This is due, in part, to the energy transition, which has spurred investments into the energy sector as well as the transformation of legacy industries, such as the automotive industry. To explore the investment opportunities of Europe, fDi Intelligence - a British investment portal that belongs to the Financial Times - evaluates the most attractive locations in Europe from the perspective of direct investments each year. 

The Greater Zurich Area is a region that fully embraces the future. As one of Europe's leading technology strongholds, the framework conditions and regulations allow for maximum return on investment and impact.
Sonja Wollkopf Walt - Managing Director, Greater Zurich Area Ltd

Several Swiss cities and cantons are represented in the various Top 10 rankings in the European Cities and Regions of the Future 2023 report, which covers 370 cities and 148 regions. Three Swiss cities claimed top spot in their respective categories: Zurich is Europe’s most attractive city overall for direct investment among the medium-sized cities, ranking ahead of the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius and Wrocław in Poland. In addition, Zurich also secured first place in the sub-categories for economic potential and human capital & lifestyle.

fDi Report 2023 - European Cities and Regions of the Future
Zurich leads in the categories overall, economic potential, and human capital & lifestyle amongst medium-sized cities. Source: fDi Report 2023.

In terms of European micro cities, Zug leads the way ahead of Limerick, Galway and Shannon in the Republic of Ireland. In the sub-category of economic potential and business friendliness, Zug is again ranked ahead of all of the competition. For the sub-category of human capital and lifestyle, Zug takes third place, with Lugano, Ticino in 6th position.

In addition to these purely data-driven categories, surveys were conducted in a sixth category: foreign direct investment promotion strategy. In this context, the Greater Zurich region is in the top 3 among the medium-sized regions with its strong positioning as an international innovation hub, home to leading technology companies and start-ups, and being the number 1 location to attract and retain talent

Why Greater Zurich is a region of the future

Why Greater Zurich is a region of the future

Top 6 reasons by Sonja Wollkopf Walt, Managing Director at Greater Zurich Area Ltd

  1. One of the leading innovation centers in Europe: technology clusters, incubators, and research collaborations make Switzerland a world leader in innovation.
  2. Reliability and stability even in uncertain times: The success formula of globally expanding scaleups and leading companies.
  3. Leading in education and attraction of talent: top universities and quality of life foster a large pool of professionals who enable the innovation of new and sustainable technologies.
  4. Strong commitment to sustainability: net 0 targets and implementation of ESG standards, combined with high investment in sustainable businesses and pioneering research. 
  5. Ideal location for pan-European or EMEA operations: Management and sales functions, as well as research and product development roles.
  6. Ideal regulatory environment: As one of Europe's tech strongholds, regulations and policies enable maximum return on investment and impact.

Greater Zurich Area: The ideal location for your company

Greater Zurich Area: The ideal location for your company

Leading the world in terms of its innovative strength and talent attraction, with a business-friendly environment and the stability and reliability of Switzerland, the Zurich economic region offers internationally active companies real added value for their strategic expansion.

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