Zug/New York - The Circular Cities Barometer published by Holcim and Bloomberg Media shows that Zurich is among the cities most rapidly embracing the shift towards circular living. Among the 30 largest cities, Zurich ranks in fifth place behind London, Seattle, Copenhagen and Paris.

Holcim, one of the world’s largest producers and recyclers of construction materials, and Bloomberg Media have assessed Zurich as being among the frontrunners as part of their second Circular Cities Barometer. Among the 30 largest cities in the world, Zurich ranks fifth for the most rapid transformation from a linear to a circular economy. London heads the rankings for 2023, followed by Seattle, Copenhagen, Paris and Zurich.

“This Barometer is designed to fast-track circularity by offering unique insights into what the world’s most innovative circular cities are doing to inspire urban leaders around the world”, comments Jan Jenisch, CEO of Holcim, in a press release.

The Barometer evaluates cities using a proprietary algorithm based on the circularity of their buildings, systems, lifestyles and leadership. Broken down by indicators, Zurich stands at the top of the table for circular living. Montreal and Seattle are the frontrunners for closed-circuit systems, while London claims top spot for the two categories of circular economy and circular buildings.

Zurich developing relatively quickly into circular city
The MFO-Park in Oerlikon. Source: Burckhardt

One of the key insights emerging from this year’s Barometer is that cities in the Global South such as Bogota, Buenos Aires and Quezon City are increasingly joining city-level organizations in order to have a voice in the international conversation. And when financial incentives are on offer from organizations such as the World Bank, cities are more willing to participate in circular initiatives and partnerships. ce/mm

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