Daura brings shares to blockchain

Zurich - Daura wants to allow SMEs to list their shares digitally on a blockchain platform. The joint venture between Swisscom and the law firm MME has now opened up its platform to initial customers, including the Weisse Arena Gruppe.

Daura wants to allow SMEs to digitalize their share registers. Using the company’s blockchain solution, stock companies can manage their share registers and issue new shares and participation certificates. Furthermore, capital increases should now be possible – practically at the touch of a button. An accompanying module is set to be activated by mid-May, while a platform is to be connected to marketplaces in further expansion steps. Moreover, the plan is for dividend payments and votes on motions at annual general meetings to also be facilitated.

According to a press release, eight SMEs have pledged to list their shares via the blockchain solution as Daura is launched, including the Weisse Arena Gruppe. The Graubünden tourism company is planning to transfer a digital micro-share to customers who complete ticket purchases, thereby granting them a stake in the company. In order to attract more users, Daura intends to collaborate with the consultancy firm BDO, who will assume responsibility for advising both potential and existing customers on digital shares.

Daura is also cooperating with the FinTech Sygnum. The company is supported by Philipp Hildebrand, former Chairman of the Swiss National Bank, and is currently waiting to be granted a banking license from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (Finma). As soon as this has been approved, Sygnum will “provide SMEs with regulated opportunities to efficiently procure capital”. Mathias Imbach, Founding Partner of Sygnum, explained: “Over the past few months, we have already moved to ensure that the technology landscapes of Daura and Sygnum are fully integrated”.

Headquartered in Zurich, Daura is a joint venture between Swisscom and the law firm MME.

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