FunPlus, a global game developer and publisher, located its global headquarters in the Greater Zurich Area in 2020 where it plans to create dozens of new jobs in the coming years. The company chose the region because of the reliable and open environment in Switzerland, its strong universities, the attractiveness for international talent, the excellent quality of life and the developing gaming ecosystem. 

FunPlus offices in Zug, Greater Zurich Area. Video Source: FunPlus

FunPlus was founded in Silicon Valley in 2010 and has evolved into a global company with offices around the world. In total, FunPlus employs approximately 1,800 members of staff. Aside from the headquarters in Switzerland, FunPlus has operations in China, Spain, Sweden, Russia, USA, and Japan. FunPlus is the second-largest games company present in Switzerland and the first leading global games company to have its headquarters in the country. 

FunPlus games are characterized by a high level of social interaction among players that create strong communities of global players. As an organization that fosters the best creative talent in the world, the company has developed and published mobile games that have ranked in the #1 spot in nearly 70 countries, which includes State of Survival, Kings of Avalon and Guns of Glory. 

The company is also active in esports as the founder of FunPlus Phoenix (FPX), one of the leading global esports teams and the 2019 League of Legends World Champions.  FPX has two top-ranked all-European esports teams playing CS:GO and Valorant.

The location in Switzerland, a country that is neutral, reliable and open to the world, aligns well with the nature of the company, which links people together from all over the world without obstacles.
Chris Petrovic
Chris Petrovic - Chief Business Officer of FunPlus

The Greater Zurich Area is the center for global activities 

Under the corporate entity name KingsGroup International AG, Chief Business Officer Chris Petrovic manages growth and expansion activities in Western markets from the global headquarters in Zug. The company states that Europe and the USA are their largest markets and regions with great continued growth potential. The location in Switzerland, a country that is neutral, reliable and open to the world, also aligns well with the nature of the company, which links people together from all over the world without obstacles. 

Various key global management functions are being based in Zug such as corporate strategy, IP management, business development, human resources, legal and finance teams. The company is currently actively setting up a research and development team in Switzerland with a focus on data science and analysis.

In 2022, CBO Chris Petrovic shared in an interview with 20 Minuten, one of the biggest news outlets in Switzerland, the advantages of having their headquarters in Zug. 

Read the interview (German)

In Greater Zurich, we find a large talent pool based on excellent universities and a business-friendly environment.
Brett Krause
Brett Krause - Chief Investment Officer of FunPlus

According to Brett Krause, the company’s Chief Investment Officer, FunPlus decided on the Greater Zurich Area in particular because of its attractiveness for internationally oriented skilled workers. The reason for this is not just the excellent quality of life but also the dynamic gaming ecosystem in the region. Innovative gaming companies, a large talent pool based on excellent universities, and the business-friendly environment all indicate this. These advantages give FunPlus the option of also conducting research and development in Zug in the medium term. 

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