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Successful startups in the fields of forward-looking technologies represent the innovative strength and competitiveness of a location. The Greater Zurich region has developed into a very attractive location for successful startups.

Innovation and business-friendly environment

Greater Zurich has developed into a very attractive location for successful startups and offers the three most important ingredients for a thriving startup ecosystem: Talent, capital, and customers. In addition, the region is home to world-leading universities, renowned companies, mentors, incubators and accelerators, innovation support programs, and associations. An innovation and business-friendly environment and a sense of entrepreneurial spirit round off the package.

The innovative strength of Switzerland and Greater Zurich offers the ideal breeding ground for unicorns. At least five privately held startups reached the prestigious "unicorn" status with a valuation of over one billion US dollars, including four from Greater Zurich: GetYourGuide (travel platform), Wefox (insurance marketplace), Numbrs (banking app) and Acronis (cybersecurity).

Das ETH-Spin-off Climeworks hat die weltweit erste Technologie zur Entfernung von CO2 aus der Atmosphäre auf den Markt gebracht.
Climeworks, a spin-off from ETH Zurich, has launched the world's first technology for removing CO2 from the atmosphere. The gas can be used, for example, to produce synthetic fuel or carbon dioxide for beverages.
As a digital health startup, we have greatly benefited from Greater Zurich, especially when it comes to hiring highly qualified and talented people in complex areas such as data science.
Lea von Bidder - Co-founder and CEO of Ava

Thriving Swiss startup ecosystem

The Swiss startup scene remains diverse and resilient, continuing to exhibit strength even in challenging times. Although there was a drop in venture capital investment in 2023, with CHF 2.6 billion invested in startups, the ecosystem's vitality is still evident. The number of financing rounds grew, reaching a new all-time high of 397 in 2023, highlighting the dynamic and diverse nature of the regional entrepreneurial landscape.


Swiss Venture Capital Report 2024

TOP 100 Startups by canton

Top 100 Swiss Startups 2023
Source: Venturelab

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Presenting the Who's Who of the Swiss startup ecosystem, the magazine portrays the most promising Swiss startups, which were selected by the TOP 100 Jury. Additionally, the publication analyzes the rankings and features interviews with key personalities of the ecosystem, venture capital investors, and business angels.

Startups are looking for three key assets: capital, customers and talent. Zurich is very attractive in all three.
Stefan Steiner, Co-Managing Director, Venturelab
Stefan Steiner - Co-Managing Director at Venturelab

Innovation Hub Greater Zurich Area

Innovation Hub Greater Zurich Area

Switzerland and the Greater Zurich Area in particular are world leaders in research, knowledge and innovation. The established exchange between academic institutions and the private sector as well as access to highly qualified specialists make the Greater Zurich Area an innovation hub.

Innovation Hotspot Greater Zurich Area
Greater Zurich is an ideal location for us investors. New startups with brilliant ideas are emerging almost daily from ETH and the University of Zurich. And the wide range of large and small companies directly on site, offer founders direct access to potential first customers.
Pascal Mathis, Mitgründer von Wingman Ventures
Pascal Mathis - Co-founder Wingman Ventures
Roger Federer stieg beim für seine Technologie bekannten Laufschuhhersteller On als Investor ein.
Roger Federer invested in On, a Zurich-based running shoe manufacturer known for its unique technology.

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