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The German ICT company can see potential in Switzerland as a business location for ICT and has set up a branch in Zurich.

German companies are still discovering the benefits of Switzerland as an ICT location. They seem to be taking an avid interest in the Greater Zurich Area. Case in point: ALLNET, a company based in Munich which manufactures and distributes network engineering and telecommunications products and makes products for the home and office as well as for major corporate structures.

On the Zurich branch, Managing Director Andreas Zenk said: “We opened in Zurich just over a year ago. The entire ICT sector in Switzerland is much more attractive in comparison to other countries. We have noticed that there is enormous potential for ICT here.” However, there were definitely challenges for the German company in the beginning: “There was a relatively heavy administrative burden, but it was all plain sailing after that,” said Zenk. “The only real challenge? The language barrier,” he added with a wink. To date, the company has founded several branches around the world. This experience came in handy when they planned the successful expansion of the company. ALLNET wants to grow “healthily and slowly” in the Greater Zurich Area and expand the local branch “gradually with a carefully considered strategy”. Zenk envisages taking on a workforce of around a dozen staff within a few years. 

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The entire ICT sector in Switzerland is much more attractive in comparison to other countries
Andreas Zenk - Managing Director ALLNET Schweiz AG

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