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Switzerland and Greater Zurich are world leaders in innovation and the ability to attract talent. For a good reason: ETH Zurich is the best university in continental Europe and the University of Zurich is a world leader in research in medicine, business and economics, and several natural sciences. Both institutes, as well as numerous universities of applied sciences, attach great importance to applied research and collaborations with industry. Technology leaders like Google, Microsoft, IBM, Disney, ABB, Biogen, Johnson & Johnson or Roche operate important R&D sites in the region. They all count on the concentrated technology excellence in Europe's most stable environment.

Life sciences

Do you want to be close to major players, innovative start-ups and leading research institutes in the life sciences space? Then the Greater Zurich Area is the right choice for you. The region has evolved into a dynamically expanding life sciences hotspot. 

Information technology

Global technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, Disney, Oracle, Facebook, Apple, Huawei or China Telecom didn’t choose the Greater Zurich Area by chance: With over 5,000 companies (multinational corporations, SMEs and start-ups) and 50,000 computer specialists, Zurich is one of the major hubs for information and communications technology (ICT) in Europe.

Fintech & blockchain

Finance meets technology: The Greater Zurich Area has evolved into a global fintech and blockchain hub thanks to among other things, access to talent, leading research institutes, innovation-friendly regulators, investors and industry partners. 

Robotics & intelligent systems

The Greater Zurich Area has been a global leader in robotics, drone technology and computer vision. The close ties between the industry, world-class universities and researchers and innovation-friendly authorities have driven innovation, attracted leading technology firms, talents and encouraged entrepreneurship.

Advanced manufacturing

Cutting-edge technology made in Switzerland is revolutionizing design and manufacturing. Digital technologies, additive manufacturing, material, photonics and sensor technologies as well as process automation are making manufacturing faster, more efficient and smarter. 

Reasons to choose Greater Zurich Area

Reasons to choose Greater Zurich Area

As a global leader in innovation and talent attraction, combined with Switzerland’s business friendly, stable and reliable environment, Greater Zurich offers international companies real added value for strategic expansion. 


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