For 150 years, UBS has been working with private, institutional and corporate clients and also retail clients in Switzerland.

Its business strategy focuses on its strong position as a global wealth manager and leading universal bank in Switzerland, supported by its global asset management and investment bank activities. It aims to deliver capital efficiency and concentrates on business areas that offer excellent opportunities for structural growth and earnings prospects.

UBS has headquarters in Zurich and Basel, and is present in more than 50 countries and all the key financial centers. The bank employs around 60,000 staff worldwide. UBS AG is the parent company of the UBS Group. UBS AG is a corporation. The Group's operational structure comprises the Corporate Center and five business units: Wealth Management, Wealth Management Americas, Retail and Corporate, Global Asset Management and the Investment Bank.

«Zurich's business center is the largest and most important conurbation in Switzerland from a commercial point of view. It's closely connected with the rest of Switzerland and other countries, and home to a brisk trade in goods and services. UBS is heavily involved in Zurich's economy, culture and society.»

Dr. Thomas Ulrich, UBS Regional Director Zurich

Mission Statement

UBS is Switzerland's leading universal bank. It is active in its home market across all five of its business areas – Retail, Wealth Management, Corporate and Institutional Banking, Asset Management and Investment Banking – and holds a leading position in all of them. Seamless cooperation between all the different business areas means that UBS can offer its clients a comprehensive range of financial products and services that will meet their needs whatever their life circumstances.


Group Chief Executive Officer
Sergio P. Ermotti

Group General Counsel
Markus U. Diethelm

CEO UBS Schweiz
Lukas Gähwiler

CEO Global Asset Management und CEO UBS Group EMEA
Ulrich Körner

Group Chief Risk Officer
Philip J. Lofts

CEO UBS Group Americas und CEO Wealth Management Americas
Robert J. McCann

Group Chief Operating Officer und Group Chief Financial Officer
Tom Naratil

CEO Investment Bank
Andrea Orcel

CEO UBS Group Asia Pacific
Chi-Won Yoon

CEO UBS Wealth Management
Jürg Zeltner

Facts and figures (2013)

CHF 27'732 Mio.

Operating income

CHF 2390 Mia.

Assets under management


Staff worldwide

+41 44 254 59 59
4:37 am
+1 415 655 1045
4:37 am
+86 21 6235 1889
4:37 am

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